Johnny Barbato

MUSIC AND MORE from Johnny Barbato and the Lucky Doggs

250_JB-Pac-O-Picks-Gsale.jpg Johnny Barbato "Pac-O-Picks" Glow in the dark
$1.80 Quantity   
250_JB-Pac-O-Picks-Psale.jpg Johnny Barbato "Pac-O-Picks" pearl
$1.80 Quantity   
250_JBCD_OPENNERsale.jpg Johnny Barbato CD Opener
$1.50 Quantity   
250_RCM_JB_EARRING_Gsale.jpg Johnny Barbato Glow in the Dark Pick Earrings
$2.50 Quantity   
250_JBLB_TEE_01sale.jpg Johnny Barbato Tee- Logo on back
250_JB_No_Pain_No_Gain.jpg Johnny Barbato- "No Pain No Gain" CD
$3.99 Quantity   
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