Bonnie Bramlett- "Beautiful" CD

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The long anticipated album from Bonnie Bramlett, is now available from
Bonnie Bramlett’s R&B credentials are top shelf ... This new disc is, pure and simple, a gem. Bramlett can still belt with bravado - witness the rocking ‘Shake Something Loose.’ But many of these new songs are exquisitely tender and uplifting, from ‘Strongest Weakness’ to Dan Penn's gospel-steeped ‘He'll Take Care of You.’ Bramlett also gets political with a cover Stephen Stills' antiwar tune ‘For What It's Worth’ and a track about religious tolerance and gay rights, ‘Bless 'Em All.’ But the standout is the title song in which she exposes her vulnerability … This is a wonderfully mature record that shows Bramlett still has a relevant touch.” - Steve Morse, The Boston Globe

“… a polished set emboldened by Bramlett’s marvelously gritty, gutsy vocals ... ‘Shake Something Loose’ and ‘Strongest Weakness’ crank up the guitars and sound like lost D&B gems … She chooses intriguing, mostly obscure covers from the pens of Gary Nicholson, Dan Penn and Waylon Jennings, infusing them with a tasty helping of her gospel-influenced vocals. Randall Bramblett contributes (and sings on) ‘Witness for Love,’ a lovely ballad bolstered by classic Memphis-styled horns. A unique spin on Buffalo Springfield’s ‘For What It’s Worth’ lays down an oozing, slinky funk backbeat that highlights the song’s ominous lyrics … Bramlett’s fire glows with a subtle heat, making Beautiful an enjoyable if restrained set that finds the singer pushing musical boundaries. - Hal Horowitz, Blues Revue

“… it is indeed refreshing to come across an artist who isn’t struggling to reinvent herself daily to fit a fleeting slot that may not exist in a week’s time. The new offering from Bonnie Bramlett, Beautiful, is proof positive that sticking with a known commodity is a sure way to remain competitive and successful in an ever-changing music business … Bramlett snuggles deep down into a familiar blanket of earthy melodies that bring out the best in her bare-bones, smoky vocal style. This album is brimming with fresh new material, classic feels, and songs that unfold like the roadmap of her life, and the best songs here hit with unexpected force … The 11 recordings on this CD stretch from smooth as silk rhythm and blues, to sinewy, hard-as-rock. Classic blues numbers punctuate the recording and there are even country-tinged, gospel numbers. The Stephen Stills classic, ‘For What It’s Worth,’ becomes magically transformed into something almost unrecognizable in Bramlett’s version. A real sleeper on the CD is Bramlett’s hard hitting, missing-in-action friend’s requiem, ‘Some of my Best Friends.’ Simply amazing!” – Bill Thames, Gritz